Andreas Bender

Andreas Bender, PhD

Centre for Molecular Informatics, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge


Reader for Molecular Informatics



Dr Andreas Bender is a Reader for Molecular Informatics with the Centre for Molecular Science Informatics at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Cambridge, leading a group of about 22 postdocs, PhD and graduate students and academic visitors.

In his work, Andreas is involved with the integration and analysis of chemical and biological data, aimed at understanding phenotypic compound action (such as cellular readouts, and also organism-level effects) on a mechanistic level, predicting molecular properties related to both compound efficacy and toxicity, as well as drug repurposing.

Of particular interest to Andreas’ work in recent years have been the modelling of compound mixtures, which is funded via an ERC Starting Grant, and which also interfaces with his work on understanding the mode of action of traditional medicines.

Andreas received his PhD from the University of Cambridge as a Cambridge Gates Scholar in 2005 and worked in the Lead Discovery Informatics group at Novartis in Cambridge/MA as well as at Leiden University in the Netherlands before his current post.

Andreas' work is documented in more than 170 scientific publications in the cheminformatics, bioinformatics and drug discovery fields.

ResearcherID: C-6942-2009

TOPIC: Understanding Modes-of-Action from Phenotypic Screens using Cheminformatics and Bioinformatics Approaches