Tim Dudgeon

Tim Dudgeon, Ph.D.

Informatics Matters Ltd.


Managing Director


Workskop Speaker

Tim Dudgeon did a D.Phil in biochemistry at the University of Oxford and a PhD in structural biology and molecular biology, also at the University of Oxford. Following that he worked at British Biotech and then OSI Pharmaceuticals handling bioinformatics and cheminformatics as well as managing the software systems for most aspects of drug discovery projects.

He has since worked as an independent informatics consultant, as well as working closely with ChemAxon, where he was the founder and project manager of the Instant JChem software product, and in more recent years, headed up the consultancy operations where he was involved in the design and implementation of various software systems for a number of customers, including large pharmaceutical companies.

Towards the end of 2014 he left those activities to concentrate on creating the Squonk Computational Notebook and the the Squonk platform on which it is based. Squonk (https;//squonk.it) is a new breed of collaborative web based workflow software for drug discovery as well as a scaleable computational platform for executing those workflows and will be used in this workshop.

TOPIC: Prepare to Be Squonked - Moving from Individual Tools to Complete Workflows