Paul Hawkins


Openeye Scientific Software



Paul went to university in Southampton and did his Ph.D. at “the home of golf”, St. Andrews, on the medicinal chemistry of HIV-1 protease. After that he was a NATO post-doctoral fellow at Pennsylvania State University, studying enzymatic hydroxylation.

Paul was a bench chemist in biotech in the Boston area for five years before moving into the computational area with Tripos. He has worked at OpenEye for over thirteen years, the last seven as Head of Scientific Solutions, where he is instrumental in setting OpenEye’s research priorities and provides much of OpenEye’s public-facing science

Paul’s main areas of endeavour at OpenEye are conformer generation, shape-based methods in virtual screening and lead hopping and the application of statistical approaches for the reliable comparison and validation of computational methods.

In his spare time Paul enjoys skiing, opera, hiking and sublimating his homicidal urges by playing first-person shooters on his Xbox and Playstation.

TOPIC: Virtual Screening with Shape: How well will we do?